Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Game Title: Pacman
PEGI Rating: 3
Release Date: 1981
Genre: Action
Style: Arcade

Developed By: Namco Limited
Published By: Atari, Inc.
Star Rating: 4/5 Stars
Plot of Pacman: The player controls Pac-Man through a maze, eating pac-dots. When all pac-dots are eaten, it is taken to the next stage. Between some stages one of three intermission animations plays. Four enemies ) roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man. If an enemy touches Pac-Man, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the game ends. Pac-Man is awarded a single bonus life at 10,000 points.
Opinions: Great port of the arcade game, everything looks to same, a few difficulty modes. Improvement could be sound could have been more accurate. Another good point is great rendition of the classic arcade game. The slightest improvement is put brighter colours in as they are a little bit dull. 
LevelAccelerates when...
120 dots remaining
230 dots remaining
340 dots remaining
440 dots remaining
540 dots remaining
650 dots remaining
750 dots remaining
850 dots remaining
960 dots remaining
1060 dots remaining

Friday, 10 May 2013

Background Story

I Mr smith have traveled the world several times leading to clues to solve a mystery that appeared many years ago. I found this mystery in a lost dark area full of trees also known as the the dead woods, dead? i have no idea why, however when there's a mystery i have to participate. My past life hasn't been anything interesting however i have always loved the thought of concluding a mystery. Yes you may know my father was a detective so i may of got my talents from him and i would love to continue the adventure. I understand how hard this challenge may be however i am happy to accept. I have come along way to enter level 1 and there is no way i am turning back. I don't see anyone else up for the challenge so here i am, i understand that i only have a few lives finding the murder in the mansions however i will succeed. The  deathly look,smell and noises are not going to stop me even if it means travelling through deathly traps and obstacles. My family are fully aware of what may happen, however they are all so happy to see i am challenging myself and doing it for the best, if i was to come out with the right murder then good things will occur in my life for me, my family, and the child that sadly passed away. This challenge will be very hard to complete having to collect several feathers along with other treasures that will lead me to the answer, the bit i am not looking forward to is remembering each step of the way to use in the final round. I am fully looking forward to this challenge and hoping for the best without my family and the talents of my dad i would not be who i was today.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Eating Well&being active evaluation.

Our task for 5 lessons was to create and complete a questionnaire made on google docs spreadsheet. Our questionnaire had to be about Eating Well&Being active, we had to create our own questions using the task brief found on This was our task;
Using our task brief i created my own questionnaire created for my target audience which was ages 13-14. 

My questionnaire was then put into a form which gets sent out to people from wildern school to access and fill out my questionnaire. This was the look of my questionnaire when first being opened by an email viewer ...

They had certain boxes that could be ticked of as the answer of the question, there was also a other box as if they did not like the options they could select there own and write there Favorite in the selected box.  

Once i had more than 30 people answering my questionnaire i had to put this into a spread sheet which showed each viewers answers this is what it looked like once all people completed my questionnaire. It had titles of the questions and then the answers been chosen.   

This is the look of my form and the chosen options. 

Once i had completed all my questions the brief said putting all the answers into tables using a formula called COUNTIF which selects the amount of people that have answered a certain choice- This Formula COUNTIF worked by =countif("" inside these speech marks was what you were searching for on the table answers so that the spreadsheet was able to find out the correct search collection. If there was a problem of incorrect sum there is any easy way to fix it in side the speech marks you can put  a wild card which looks like this * this takes place of anything such as spaces incorrect spelling which takes place of the space.
Once i had filled out all of the boxes i had to make sure the boxes counted up to the total amount of people this is completed by clicking on the SUM button at the top of sheet and then select the amount of numbers you want to be totaled up.

Once i had completed all tables from my spread sheet we had to fill out the boxes of percentage as said on the brief. We worked this out the same by '= and then type the column and the total box which then completes the percentage. Instead of doing a long maths method to divide by 100 you could click the percentage button at the top of the spreadsheet which is found here...

Once filling out all the percentage of all tables we had to make sure all percentages were correct by doing a total percentage which should completely add up to 100% which all my tables had. If not then we would have to completely start again. Once i had fully finished knowing all my tables had added up to 100% we had to place each table into a graph including all examples& heading titles we completed this by, Firstly highlighting the selected area for the graph and then at the top of the tool bar which is shown above you clicked on the graph button which would look a bit like this....
 This then you could select the type of graph you would like to choose and you could change the range if you want.

This is the look of one of my final graphs including a title, amount, headings, also down the bottom i have labeled each graph as i made sure each graph was on a separate sheet as it looked better presented.

From this task i found alot out including what many people liked and disliked and what everyone thinks of how healthy they were if i could do this again i would make sure i had other and then they could write there own option which would give them a wider range which would include a wider option of questions and answers  making our graphs more interesting with everyones different opinions.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Today i have finished my Meal cards, i created 2 A5 pages. 1- Tomato pasta, 2- strawberry cheesecake. Each page has the method, the ingrediants, and general information. 7/11/12 :D

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Why is E-safety so important?

  1. Makes sure you are on safe websites
  2. Protects all your important information
  3. Teaches all ages how to be safe on the internet
What happens if you dont use E-safety?
  1. Anyone could see your personal details that you may not want to be seen
  2. They could take your videos/photos and publish them worldwide
  3. Someone could pretend to be someone there not and could lead to bad situations
  4. They could hack your account to then send things to anyone on your friend list

How could you be safe on the internet?
  1. Be safe with what you post online.
  2. Make sure that you do not post personal information about yourself online inless you have your personal settings set up
  3. Never meet anybody from the online world that you don't know in real life - they're still a stranger.
  4.  Don't accept emails, attachments and requests from people you don't know
  5. Always remember that people can lie online. They may not be reliable.
  6. Think before you send
  7. If something or someone is worrying you online, tell someone. You can tell a parent, a teacher, a friend or if it is serious you can tell the police or CEOP by using the Report Abuse button.
  8. Always make sure your personal settings are on friends only and you only have details that are reliable

 Links to videos that may be suitable
Websites that may be useful